Online Courses
Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety and Depression
A 4-week immersive course filled with over 8-hours of clinically proven tools, learnings, workshops, and resources designed to help you get in front of your anxiety and depression to find the calm and perspective you long for.
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Meditation & Compassion 101
Through this intimate course, I will help you establish a daily Mindfulness Meditation practice. Whether you're new to meditation or have been practicing for years, this course will help you awaken your inner well of resilience and compassion for your self and for others. Learn my favorite Mindfulness meditations that have helped me strengthen my intuition and sense of calm in all areas of my life, regardless of what life throws at me.
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Understanding Codependency: How to Heal Toxic Relationships with Yourself and Others
If you struggle with people pleasing, not being able to say "no," resentment, feeling not good enough or like you're too much, or always being the one who does it all, I created this course for you. Codependency is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but in order to create healthy boundaries and more secure relationships we need to understand where codependent behaviors stem from and how we can unravel the toxic beliefs and patterns they get us stuck in. As a recovering codependent myself, let me help you gain a better sense of self and freedom while also creating healthier and more loving relationships.
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Wellness Warrior Branding + Marketing Immersive
A combination of online modules and one-on-one coaching, this program was designed for people who work in the world of wellness. Whether it's a side hustle or your full-time gig, whether you're a brand with a clear mission or an individual Wellness Warrior just starting your business, I want to help you clarify your vision, goals, voice, and message to help you maximize your impact in the world. I use my 10 years in marketing, advertising, branding, and strategy, combined with my learnings from building my own successful wellness brand to help you stand out - so you can connect with and heal as many people as possible. We need as many Wellness Warriors in the world as we can get, let's work together to make sure your voice is heard amongst the noise (plus it can't hurt to make some $ while pursuing your passion either).