From Self-Abandonment to Inner Belonging: The Intensive
January 2, 2022 - January 7, 2022
  • do you feel disconnected from your life?
  • do you get caught in cycles of people-pleasing followed by resentment in your relationships?
  • do you feel stuck or unsure of what you want your next steps to be in relationships, career, or life?
  • do you feel there are aspects of who you are that make you difficult to love?
  • do you find yourself longing for a connection to a deeper sense of meaning?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, now is the perfect time to go inward and prioritize the most sacred relationship in your life. The one with your Self.

We’re Vanessa Bennett, LMFT, and Dené Logan, AMFT. Two soul sisters and therapists with a background in depth psychology. We’re also mindfulness coaches and avid yoginis. But more than anything else, we’re passionate about supporting others in living their most authentic life.

We specialize in helping people unearth the limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that hold them back from their potential. We specialize in this because it’s work we have also committed to doing for ourselves in our own lives.

Join us for a 5-day, 6-night Immersive Retreat, where we will take a deep dive into the work of pattern interruption, unpacking the origins of our limiting beliefs and survival mechanisms, and beginning to integrate a new skill set for navigating our lives from a more present space.

This week will be a time to take an intentional break from your daily routine, drop-in, and connect with yourself, with us, and with other like-minded souls. We will create a sacred container for recognizing the origins of our most challenging conditioned responses. The early childhood wounds, survival mechanisms, and trauma responses that have impacted our experience of life are not the truth of who we are.

This retreat will support you in:

  • Creating healthy and sustainable boundaries and communication in your relationships.
  • Breaking the habits of people-pleasing, caretaking, and needing to be needed.
  • Releasing the pattern of numbing and running from yourself.
  • Recognizing the habit of spiritual bypassing.
  • Discovering deeply rooted relational beliefs that are no longer serving you.
  • Evolving these beliefs to be in alignment with the kinds of relationships your higher Self longs for.
  • Connecting to a deeper awareness of Self through integrative Shadow work.
  • Learning to live from a more authentic space steeped in integrity.
  •  Experiencing self-liberation through somatic movement.

These 5 days, 6 nights will include:

  •  yoga, somatic movement, breathwork, sound bath healing, and guided meditation all surrounded by breathtaking views of Black Mountain
  • group instruction and processing with both Dené and Vanessa
  • prompted journaling work and take home reflections
  • an immersive therapeutic experience in a safe and sacred community
  •  the opportunity to connect and share with other like-minded seekers
  • tangible tools to implement moving forward
  • integrative downtime to process and relax at an award-winning wellness resort and spa
  • an opportunity to join Dené and Vanessa for an intimate 6-week processing group after the retreat where we will go deeper and expand on the topics that is only open to past retreat attendees
*your retreat includes all meals during the duration of your stay, consciously crafted by award-winning Executive Chef Scott Winegard

TENTATIVE Retreat Schedule(order of events may move around as things solidify. All times are GMT)

Sunday, January 2nd

5pm-6pm: arrival and light dinner
6pm-8pm opening circle w/Vanessa and Dené

Monday, January 3rd
6:30am-8am – breakfast
8am-9:30am: meditation and yoga flow w/Vanessa
10:30am-12pm: group facilitated by Vanessa
12pm-2pm: lunch and integration time
2pm-4pm: group facilitated by Dené
5pm-7pm: processing group with Vanessa and Dené
7:15pm: somatic movement and ecstatic dance

Tuesday, January 4th
6:30am-8am: breakfast
8am-9:30am: meditation and yoga flow w/Dené
10:30am-12pm: group facilitated by Dené
12pm-2pm: lunch and integration time
2pm-4pm: group facilitated by Vanessa
5pm-7pm: processing group with Vanessa and Dené
7:15pm: healing soundbath

Wednesday, January 5th
6:30am-8am: breakfast
8am-9:30am: meditation and yoga sculpt w/Dené
10:30am-12pm: group processing w/ Vanessa and Dené
12pm-2pm: lunch and integration time
2pm – 7ppm: Free Time
7pm: processing circle and therapeutic yin yoga with Vanessa

Thursday, January 6th
6:30a-8am: Breakfast
8am-9:30am: meditation and yoga flow w/Vanessa
10:30am-12pm: group facilitated by Vanessa
12pm-2pm: lunch and integration time
2pm-4pm: group facilitated by Dené
5pm-7pm: processing group with Vanessa and Dené

Friday, January 7th
7am – 9am: breakfast
10am – 12pm: closing circle
12pm: checkout


We would be honored to serve you on your journey to a deeper and more compassionate relationship with your Authentic Self. We are committed to you leaving the week feeling grounded and refreshed, with more clarity, inspiration, and self-understanding.


COVID INFO: CIVANA has strict Covid protocols in place resort-wide including mask mandates and extra sanitizing, however, all attendees of the retreat must provide us with proof of vaccination prior to attending.


Strict Cancellation Policy:

Cancel before October 4th, receive 100% back.

Cancel between October 5th and November 5th, receive 50% back.

Cancel between November 6th and December 3rd, receive 25% back.

Cancellations after December 3rd are not eligible for refunds.