Coaching On-Demand

Don’t wait a week to talk to your coach or counselor about something pressing. Have direct access to me so you can get feedback, make tough decisions, and implement change in real-time.

Plus, it’s more cost-effective than traditional weekly therapy if you’re working through a specific issue.

**If you are in crisis, are having thoughts of self-harm, or are struggling with a serious mental illness, this service is not for you. Click here for resources and support.

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Transformational Life, Relationship, & Executive Coaching

Are you at a crossroads in your career, in love, or feeling generally stuck in life? Many times when we feel incapable of getting out of our own way it’s because we need an experienced and empathetic third party to hold a mirror for us to examine our false beliefs, our negative patterns, and our self-sabotaging ways. Friends and family can only take this so far as they naturally have biases and their own “stuff” going on that clouds their ability to stay impartial.

Change and transition are unavoidable and never easy, and they tend to bring up deep-rooted concerns such as low self-esteem and self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness, self-sabotaging tendencies, anxiety, depressive symptoms, and negative self-talk.

The cause for many of these symptoms is our modern culture’s loss of connection to the soul and our inner landscape. We spend so much time living in the external world of social media, work, and the daily grind of our to-do lists that it takes real effort to get still enough to hear what our inner self is trying to tell us.

Thresholds and transitional experiences are important for people to encounter as they are the places where our old patterns can be observed, experiences can be integrated, and we can then move forward with our potential more fully realized, healthier coping mechanisms in tow. Transitions can be amazing growth and learning opportunities if we have the proper guidance, support, and safety to truly examine them, and the inner resiliency to step forward on our journey.

Our entire lives are a journey of working toward wholeness and a more embodied version of the self. Wholeness involves an incorporation of all parts that we have tucked away in order to fit more neatly into one’s specific societal box, leading to a greater ability to live one’s life as a complete being.

I work with clients mostly from a Depth Psychological and Mindfulness-based approach while integrating Buddhist and Yogic Psychology principles. What this means is that I listen for what is not being said, I gently help bring it to awareness, and I support establishing and strengthening a compassionate inner witness who can help pull you out of your thoughts and back into your present.

I have coached clients remotely all over the world, helping them discover the underlying root of what is holding them back from becoming the most authentic and fulfilled version of themselves. Let me support you and hold that mirror, helping you learn more about what drives you and makes you tick, and then help you find the confidence needed to choose that next direction on your journey.

Creative and Marketing Strategy

10-years as an advertising Producer, Marketing Manager, and Strategist don’t go away just because you switch lanes to the world of Wellness. Instead, I now utilize my skills and proven track record of brand growth and campaign success to help entrepreneurs, brands, and other Wellness Warriors I believe in approach marketing from a more heart-centered, and thus client-centered place. I have helped start-ups and large companies alike.

I have also used both skillsets to help clients bring wellness into their organizations and into their brand ethos through wellness program development, implementation, custom course creation and instructing.

If you’re interested in talking to me about launching your wellness company/personal brand, Brand and Marketing Strategy, or creating/incorporating Wellness Programs into your company, please reach out!